Hi, I'm Pat. 

Award-winning author and culinary herbalist, I've been a student of healing food and herbal wisdom for several decades. What began as a career in food as a high school foods teacher soon blossomed into a passion for teaching others about the powerful, healing benefits of natural foods, herbs and more.

Since that time, I have written over 22 cookbooks, including The Healing Herbs Cookbook (Robert Rose, still in print), The Juicing Bible (Robert Rose, over 800,000 copies in print, translated into over 10 languages), and my newest book, The Herbalist's Kitchen (Sterling, June 2018). Recently, my latest project with co-author, Ellen Novack, includes a revolutionary cookbook/healing guide, Healing Cannabis Edibles (available in 2018). 

With each of my books, my goal is to inspire others to jump feet-first into the wonderful world of cooking, along with healing ourselves from the inside, out. I invite you to indulge in the same recipes and herbal guidance I use every day, and hope you discover something you love along the way. 

Yours, in plant wisdom,