Preserving: The Canning and Freezing Guide for All Seasons

Home canning and preserving is a time-honored practice that many people will be trying for the first time in the months to come, preserving both for the pleasure of it, and for its inherent economy. With the plethora of farmers’ markets, too, home cooks will have a bonanza of produce to buy inexpensively, and they will want to know precisely what to do with it. Pat Crocker’s Preserving: A Resource Cookbook for Home Canning and Freezing has all the information anyone needs to get started and to keep going!

Canning, jamming, and freezing techniques are covered, from the most basic hot-packed fruit recipes to gorgeous, internationally flavoured chutneys and relishes. Providing both safe and detailed instructions, as well as step-by-step photography and over 200 recipes, this cookbook will be your new home-preserving bible.

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